Bioconjugation Process Specialist

General description

He/She will be involved in the development activities related to the scientific field of interest for ADIENNE, operating under the direction of the ADIENNE Pharma & Biotech Chief Scientific Officer and ADIENNE Srl SU Head of Biotech Operations.

The Bioconjugation Process Specialist will be responsible for the optimization and development of bioconjugation techniques and related processes, including but not limited to the areas of Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs), protein drug conjugates, conjugated vaccines, protein-oligonucleotide conjugates, protein conjugated nanoparticles, Fluorescent-Probe Bioconjugation and Protein-Protein cross-linking.

Main responsibilites

  • Design and execute a multiple step synthesis of pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, cytotoxins, and high-value organic compounds while maintaining accurate notebooks, documents, and project reports.
  • Develop bioconjugate methodologies using diverse bioconjugation approaches (e.g. enzyme mediated ligations, site specific conjugations, stochastic conjugations, etc.) to generate novel bioconjugates.
  • Optimize protein purification approaches (ultrafiltration, diafiltration, preparative purification, etc.) for purification of intermediates and conjugated proteins.
  • Execute protein analytical methods to character bioconjugates using UV-Vis spectrophotometry, LC-MS, LC-MS/MS, HPLC/UPLC, MALS, and gel electrophoresis.
  • Conduct literature search and prepare viable conjugation schemes.
  • Identify and suggest the proper technologies to implement in ADIENNE facility.
  • Work both independently and as part of a team, have good planning and organizing skills, high level of attention to detail and be able to identify and analyze and resolve routine problems.
  • Ability to communicate clearly both orally and in writing, keeping team and management informed.
  • Support the QC Department in the analytical method definition and development and write and review the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) or other technical documentation related to bioconjugation production phase.

Qualification/skills required

  • MS or Ph.D. in biochemistry, chemistry, protein chemistry or related discipline with strong laboratory skills and at least 3 years’ experience in an industrial environment.
  • In-depth understanding and practical research experience with bioconjugation of small molecules (e.g. cytotoxic drugs, fluorescent labels, oligonucleotides) and polymers to antibodies and proteins using a range of linker chemistries.
  • Experience in purification using automated systems (ÄKTA) and membrane ultrafiltration (TFF), and analytical characterization techniques such as column chromatography (HIC, SEC, IEX), UV-Vis spectrophotometry, microfluidics (CE-SDS, iCEF) and LC-MS.
  • Good knowledge in the ADCs field, including the drug development process.
  • As a confident IT user, He/She will be familiar with MS Office, and specialist software including Chromeleon, Unify, MassLynx and ChemDraw.
Job Category: Production
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Italy
Working Class: Employee
Seniority: 3 years

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