8 September 2020


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ADIENNE manufaturing site place in Caponago is dedicated to produce high-potent cytotoxic oncological drugs, including alkylating agent antineoplastic agents and nitrosourea compounds.

ADIENNE is manufaturing innovative presentations of liophylized drug such as Multichamber Flexible Bag and FillChoice Dose/Room. This are ready to use systems solving all compliance problems from the point of view of patient and healthcare professional safety.

These are two lines that produce the lyophilized drug directly connected (through a completely closed system) to the bag of the solvent/diluent liquid, which can be physiological or glucosed solution. In this way it is no longer necessary for the healthcare professional to use syringes and needles (with the associated risks) as it is sufficient to activate the devices with simple movements and reconstitute the drug ready for infusion. With these two innovative systems, leakage of toxic liquid is absolutely excluded (with serious risk for the health care worker) and in the same way microbial contamination coming from outside is absolutely excluded (with serious risk for the patient).